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Can A Passenger Be Held Liable For Car Accident Injuries?

Typically, a passenger cannot be held legally responsible for car accident injuries. However, a recent case found that a passenger who encouraged the vehicle driver to drive at an unsafe speed in order to get airborne while going over dips could be liable, in conjunction with the driver, for the resulting accident and injuries. The passenger was found to violate CA Vehicle Code ยง 23109(c) which states a person shall not willfully interfere with the driver of a vehicle…in such a manner as to affect the driver’s control of the vehicle…a person shall not aid or abet in any motor vehicle exhibition of speed on any highway. Navarrete v. Meyer (2015) 237 CA4th 1276, 1288-1297, 188 CR3d 623, 634-641.

In short, under this relatively new case law, a passenger may be held responsible for injuries resulting from the accident in the right circumstances.

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