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Car Accident Lawyer- Should I Give A Recorded Statement?

If you have been injured in a car accident and do not have a lawyer, the other driver’s insurance company will try and force you make a recorded statement. During a recorded statement, the insurance representative will ask you questions about how the accident occurred, what you said, did and thought before, during and after the accident, and questions about your injuries. What could go wrong if you just tell the truth, right?

WRONG! Do not give a recorded statement unless you have an attorney representing you. Insurance representatives act like they are your friend, but they are far from it. Insurance representatives are trained assassins, expertly trained to torpedo your case. Everything you say will be scruntized and misconstrued out of context to lower the value of your case.

So, should you give a recorded statement after you have been in a car accident? No. Instead, call a lawyer who will protect your rights and maximize your recovery.

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