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Car Accident Lawyer- Who Is Responsible When You Hit Someone Pulling Out of Shopping Center?

We recently successfully handled a car accident whereby the defendant pulled out of shopping center on to a public road, hitting our client driving on the road. California Vehicle Code §21804(a) states, “The driver about to enter or cross a highway from any public or private property, or from an alley, shall yield the right-of-way to all traffic, as defined in Section 620, approaching on the highway close enough to constitute an immediate hazard, and shall continue to yield the right of way to that traffic until he or she can proceed with reasonable safety.” A driver pulling out of a shopping center must not enter into the roadway if there is another car approaching. Additionally, a driver pulling out of a shopping center must not enter the roadway unless she can proceed with “reasonable safety.” Obviously, if you cannot avoid hitting another car who is lawfully following the vehicle code, then you cannot enter the roadway with “reasonable safety.” So, if you are driving on a road, following all traffic laws, and another vehicle pulls out of a shopping center and hits you, most likely the other party is at fault.

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