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Rental Car Accident Santa Barbara California

Question: My friend was hit by by a person who was driving a rental car. The police report indicated it was the fault of the person driving the rental car. The rental car company says that they will not pay for my damages because they say “the person who was driving the rental car was not the person who rented the car. ” Is this a case an attorney would be able to help with? My friends car was totaled out and he said he has back pains and headaches.

Attorney Answer: If someone injured you while driving a rental car, you have options at your disposal. First, every driving in California must have valid minimum insurance. Thus, you can contact the driver and find out their insurance company. Second, the rental car company may have provider insurance to the driver, for an extra fee. If that is the case, contact the rental car company and go through their insurance. Third, as far as damages to your vehicle, contact your own insurance company to get the vehicle repaired quickly. You will have to pay your deductible, but if you are not found at fault, your deductible will be reimbursed. Also, your auto insurance may have med-pay, meaning they will pay your medical bills up to a certain amount. If you have been injured, you need to seek medical treatment immediately. The longer you wait to receive medical treatment, the more the insurance company will argue the injuries are not related to the accident. Finally, and this should probably be your first step, contact a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys typically charge no money up front and only charge a percentage of the money they collect for you. Most personal injury attorneys will offer free consultations. Best of luck to you.