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Santa Barbara Car Accident Lawyer- Get A Police Report!

If you have been injured in an auto accident, do not be in a rush to leave the scene. It is important, if not critical, to call local law enforcement (911- who will send either the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, Santa Barbara Police Department or the California Highway Patrol). REMEMBER: GET A POLICE REPORT!

A police report in a Santa Barbara car accident case is a valuable tool.

First, it helps establish liability- who caused the accident. When negotiating with the insurance company, a favorable police report can get you a higher offer by convincing the insurance company the other party is at fault.

Second, if you file a lawsuit, it will most likely be one year or more before you go trial or have a deposition. Over this lengthy period of time, people forget things! The police report is a valuable record keeping tool to remind everyone what happened. Law enforcement will speak to all parties involved, potential witnesses, etc. This information is important to remind everyone what was said and what happened.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, dont forget to call law enforcement and get a police report. Even if it’s a couple of days or weeks after the incident, you can call law enforcement who will take down the information provided.

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