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Santa Barbara Car Accident Lawyer

Question: Can I request payment for medical treatment from an insurance company, but have my car fixed first? Recently, I was in a car accident and the other party’s insurance company has already accepted full responsibility for the accident because I was hit from behind. There’s mostly rear end bumper damage, but since the accident I’ve been having some lower back pains. I don’t think it’s anything serious, but I’m not sure and due to a pre-existing medical condition I’d like to see a doctor. I’d like to know, will the insurance company be responsible to pay/reimbursement me for any doctor visits, treatment(s), medicine, time off work, etc; even after they’ve repaired my car because I’d like to get my car fixed more sooner than later?

Answer: You are entitled to recover for any injuries resulting from the auto accident from the at fault driver. The at fault driver’s insurance company should pay for medical treatment received from injuries resulting from the accident. You can also recover for pain and suffering resulting from the accident. The insurer might argue that the pre-existing condition prevents you from recovering from them. But, if the accident aggravated the pre-existing injury, caused a flare-up or made the injury worse, then you would be able to recover.

Your own auto insurance may have med pay available which will cover the cost of your accident related medical bills.

Consider consulting with an attorney to deal with the insurance companies for you. Most will offer free consultations.

Good luck to you my friend!