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Santa Barbara Auto Accident Lawyer

Morales Law represents people who are injured in auto accidents. Mr. Morales has experience in all areas of car accident cases up and down the central coast. If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be able to recover money for your physical injuries, medical bills, property damage, loss of wages, loss […]

California Comparative Fault Car Accident Jury Instruction

[Name of defendant] claims that [name of plaintiff]’s own negligence contributed to [his/her] harm. To succeed on this claim, [name of defendant] must prove both of the following: 1.That [name of plaintiff] was negligent; and 2.That [name of plaintiff]’s negligence was a substantial factor in causing [his/her] harm. If [name of defendant] proves the above, […]

Santa Barbara Car Accident Lawyer- Mediation

Mediation in Santa Barbara County car accident lawsuits is required. The good news is the court will provide a free, professional mediator to mediate your case. During the mediation, the mediator will speak to each party, either individually or collectively, and try and find how much money the insurance company is willing to pay and […]